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What We Do

The Tawazun Economic Program

The program generates high economic value and creates social and strategic benefits to the UAE. The Tawazun Economic Program develops new projects that contribute to the wider industry ecosystem. It enables a diverse approach to technology transfer that addresses the actual needs of industry and the end users.

The Tawazun Economic Program aims to:

Attract local and foreign capital

Promote long-term partnerships

Create opportunities in identified strategic sectors in the UAE


Defense and Security Development Fund

The Defense and Security Development Fund was established by Tawazun as an enabler that contributes to the economic development of the UAE’s Defense and Security industry. The Fund focuses on strategic technology development, supports SMEs in the private sector and promotes innovation and industrial capabilities.

The fund, realizing its industry objectives, contributes to the growth of the defense and security industry across three key segments:

Strategic Technology Investment

Secure and develop critical technologies through strategic investment and acquisitions.


Mechanism and approach:

  • Acquire IP or Exclusive license rights (locally or internationally)
  • Acquisition of international businesses
  • Fund development of tech/IP (locally or internationally)

Ventures and SMEs

Develop private ventures and SMEs through debt and minority stake investment to promote local manufacturing and technology development.


Mechanism and approach:

  • Venture debt: Funding capital expenditures
  • Tech development: Funding of development IPs and technologies through equity and IP ownership

Innovation and Industrial Capability

Focused on supporting the R&D capabilities within universities, research institutes and industries in order to promote Emirati technology experts


Mechanism and approach

Funding the following:

  • Early stage development in return for IP ownership
  • University programs in return for IP ownership
  • Development programs in collaboration with the industry