Tawazun serves as the catalyst for both economic growth and the development of the UAE defense and security industry.


Tawazun manages the procurements and contracts of the UAE Armed Forces and Abu Dhabi Police, covering the administrative, technical, contractual, legal and financial aspects, in addition to following up and supervising their execution. Tawazun's responsibilities also include approving and awarding projects and contracts, and undertaking relevant executive procedures on contracting and related matters.

Tawazun is also in charge of preparing, managing, implementing, and allocating budget for procurement, and appearing before the concerned entities on all matters related to the financial aspects of procurement.

Tawazun works closely with the UAE Armed Forces and Abu Dhabi Police to:

  • Support the sustainable growth of the defense and security industry
  • Promote the culture of excellence and competitiveness within the sector
  • Encourage participation of national companies in the supply chain
  • Promote a vibrant and growing defense and security industry
  • Attract local and international partnerships


The Tawazun Economic Program develops and manages defense and security industry partnerships for the benefit of the UAE’s sovereignty and wider economic impact and prosperity. The program aims to address the actual needs of the industry and the end-user, by developing new projects that enable technology transfer and contribute to the wider industry ecosystem.

The Tawazun Economic Program aims to:

  • Attract local and foreign investment
  • Promote long-term partnerships
  • Create opportunities in targeted strategic sectors in the UAE


Tawazun have initiated a research & development management function in partnership with the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces, to organize R&D activities in specific fields of defense that include dual-use applications. This will ensure development of national defense capabilities that meet UAE Armed Forces operational requirements and evaluate them against the UAE’s defense and security goals and objectives.

  • Identify and assess technology priorities
  • Develop technology roadmaps and R&D strategy
  • Develop technologies aligned with defense and security industry’s needs
  • Build a capable R&D work force
  • Finance national strategic programs
  • Promote innovation in the UAE defense & security sector

Manage all R&D aspects in Defense and Security for UAE including:

  • Building R&D Infrastructure
  • Defining sector priorities
  • Developing a technology trained workforce
  • Identifying OEM partnership opportunities & leveraging their capabilities
  • Implementing joint programs with Academic / Research Institutions & SMEs

Focusing on the development of strategic technologies that contribute to:

  • Competitive advantage, economic value and national security
  • The benefit of national companies


Tawazun has specific areas of focus within the Defense and Security sector, and places an emphasis on the many technologies that are aligned with Aerospace & Aeronautics, Industrial Infrastructure, Communication Systems and Education.


  • Defense & Security

  • Aerospace & Aeronautics

  • Infrastructure

  • Communication Systems

  • Education




Tawazun Headquarters,
Al Mamoura B

11th Floor, PO Box 908. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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