Sponsorship Guidelines
All sponsorship requests should be submitted in a written proposal to be evaluated. It is important that you provide us with as much information as possible to allow us to fully assess your request. Your proposal should be considered a business document and should be professionally presented in terms of both content and layout.


Sponsorship Criteria
We have established criteria in place against which we evaluate each proposal we receive. Projects or organizations seeking sponsorship must confirm to the following criteria. The project or event must:
• Be a local or an international activity
• Align with Tawazun’s vision of “Building Capabilities towards a Balanced Future”.
• Create a positive exposure for Tawazun’s brand.
• Align with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.


Sponsorship Proposal
The proposal should cover the following:
• Introduction of the organisation
• Brief description of the event/project
• Goals and objectives of the event/project
• Frequency of the event (Annually, Biannually etc)
• Timeline of the event/project
• Benefits that will be received by Tawazun (Breakdown of value for each benefit)
• Rationale for sponsorship
• Patronage of the event
• List of other sponsors. Please indicate confirmed and potential
• VIP Attendees. Please indicate both confirmed and potential
• Expected fees and payment terms/schedule
• Contact details of the point of contact
• Any other relevant information

Proposals can be submitted either in Arabic or English.


A minimum of 30 days should be provided to evaluate, approve and have a contract in place.


Sponsorship Proposal Submission
All sponsorship requests should be submitted in a written form directly to the Marketing Department through the email address sponsorship@tawazun.ae