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Tawazun showcases its military might at Abu Dhabi exhibition

Tawazun – the main sponsor of Idex – has undoubtedly the largest stand, showcasing a formidable array of weapons, tanks and military vehicles.
“We enlarged our participation and now we are showcasing more than 14 companies owned completely by Tawazun,” said Saif Al Marzooqi, the company’s director of corporate communications.
“And now we launch three new companies – Tawazun Dynamics, Adars and Jobaira.”
A Tawazun subsidiary, NIMR Automotive, also launched three new vehicles at the exhibition on Monday.
Mohammed Al Mazrouei, acting general manager of NIMR, said Idex was the right stage to show the vehicles to a variety of different customers. “Idex is one of the world’s biggest defence, security, land and naval exhibitions,” he said. “It has a large number of exhibitors, visitors and delegates from all over the world, so it is a great window to showcase these vehicles at this venue.”
The first of NIMR’s creations is a multi-road combat vehicle that carries a crew of four and is fitted with a stabilised remote station to fire 30mm canons, anti-tank missiles and a machine gun, said Mr Al Mazrouei.
The second is a personnel carrier that can hold a driver, a commander and a team of eight in the back and can reach speeds of up to 135kph.
“This vehicle was tested thoroughly and we actually blew it up, to test its structure,” he added.
“Because what is important about this variant of vehicle is protection, and to ensure maximum crew survivability.”
The third vehicle is a 4×4 internal security vehicle, or ISV, and is unique because of its features.
“The seats are back-to-back facing outwards, having a proper view of the outside,” the NIMR manager said.
The vehicle also has a bulldozing front end, multiple grenade launchers and a laser dazzler, which is intended to temporarily blind or disorientate its target.
The vehicles, which are made for armed forces and state security, have taken NIMR years to design, create and test.
“We can build whatever the customer needs for different types of protection,” Mr Al Mazrouei said.
The stand has had many visitors this week and he said he was confident that the exhibit would reap dividends.