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Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Development Fund

Strategic Development Fund (SDF), the investment arm of Tawazun Economic Council, is focused on financial return and economic impact within UAE’s strategic sectors, through equity investment in local and international partnerships and developmental funding towards UAE’s private sector.


Abu Dhabi Proof House

Abu Dhabi Proof House is the center for testing firearms and ammunition, created as part of a collaboration between the Abu Dhabi Police and Tawazun.

The House, the first of its kind in the African and Asian regions, provides a wide range of services, using cutting-edge technologies, to test and certify different types of firearms, as well as heavy equipment.

Abu Dhabi Proof House is internationally accredited by means of the UAE joining the Brussels-based Comission Internationale Permanente Pour l`Epreuve des Armes à Feu portatives (CIP) in 2012

Tawazun Industrial Park

Tawazun Industrial Park (TIP) is an integrated community, focused on creating clusters around downstream and upstream industries in the strategic sectors.

Tawazun Industrial Park’s specialized industrial community serves, supports and enables the ambitions of regional and international defense, aerospace and security manufacturers.

It ensures that investors, and their people, are supported by an environment and infrastructure that is perfectly optimized to their needs. We carefully orchestrate clusters to cover downstream and upstream activity for organizations in these primary sectors:

  • Defense, security and aerospace manufacturers
  • Metal basic industries
  • Precision engineering and manufacturing
  • Aerospace



The Sustain & Enhance Emiratization in Defence and Security (SEEDS) Program is a unique initiative that offers international defense companies the opportunity to participate in value-driven capability development and job placement programs for UAE nationals.

The virtual internships ensure the continued collaboration between Tawazun and international defense companies.

Over 60 defense and aerospace contractors, including Lockheed Martin, Thales, Nexter Systems, CAE, Diehl Group and Naval Group continue as SEEDS partners even though the students were unable to be physically present at the individual company’s facilities.