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Our Commitment

We act as a catalyst for defense and security industry growth to accelerate the development of the UAE defense industry ecosystem and human capabilities.

Drive Economic Value

We strengthen the defense and security industry in the UAE by building on existing programs and launching new initiatives with a view to:

  • Enhance foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • Create domestic partnership opportunities
  • Increase export orientation and establishing independent and sustainable businesses across the lifecycle of the defense and security industry.

Promote Technology and Innovation

Tawazun is committed to the promotion of innovations to aid future expansion.

We promote innovation in the UAE’s defense and security industry and seek to provide an effective and leading IP management system with a view to safeguard sensitive IP and protect inventors.

Through a continued focus on technology and innovation, Tawazun aims to increase efficiency, drive industry best practice and support SME growth. Through innovation and IP, Tawazun aims to:

  • Enable a collaborative R&D environment
  • Maximize outcome through effective R&D lifecycle management
  • Safeguard sensitive government IP and protect inventors
  • Manage R&D cooperation programs that meet stakeholders requirements
  • Provide effective and leading IP management system
  • Promote innovation in the UAE defense and security sector

Accelerate Ecosystem Growth

Supporting the build-up of a strong, technologically vibrant and financially successful defense industry is at the core of what we do.

To accelerate growth, we aim to identify gaps in the supporting ecosystem and within the value chain as well as the solutions to address the challenges.

Technology transfer, training, certification and export orientation are the key objectives of both our Economic Program as well as our  Defense and Security Development Fund.

Expand Human Capabilities

We are committed to supporting the nation’s diversification agenda and to the creation of a knowledge-based economy.

Through its partnerships, Tawazun develops industry-specific programs and certifications to build capabilities for the industry. These include training and development, internship programs and technical training of UAE students – in both domestic and international defense companies.

SEEDS standing for ‘Sustain & Enhance Emiratization in Defense and Security‘ is Tawazun’s latest program aimed at providing international internship  and job placement opportunities to UAE nationals with leading international high technology companies operating in the defense and security sectors. SEEDS aims at promoting Emiritization in thedefense and security sector by creating a pool of highly skilled Emirati talent.


Tawazun in partnership and collaboration with the Ministry of Education have launched Tawazun Scholarship Program (TSP). TSP provides a unique academic opportunity for high calibre UAE Nationals who have completed their high school or about to complete to pursue their undergraduate degree in the field of engineering in the USA.


A unique dual education program delivered in collaboration with  UAE University.  TWSP combines university learning and actual work experience and leads to a B.Sc. degree in Engineering and Sciences” . TWSP is designed to provide extra training and exposure to students that will make them adapt to manufacturing industry faster.

Advise Industry Partners

Tawazun is an industry enabler that provides advice and support to new players, local and international, who intend to develop sustainable local businesses within the industry. We provide advice and recommendations on business plans, talent supply, R&D and innovation projects.

We facilitate market entry and advice on:

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Promotional platforms
  • Success, sustainability and the potential for development and innovation
  • Infrastructure availability
  • Entry options