Established in 2007, Burkan Munitions Systems is the UAE’s first ammunition facility which manufactures, tests, and assembles various types of ammunition. The company caters to the needs of Armed Forces in the UAE, as well as the GCC and the region.

The Burkan facility boasts advanced technical systems which are employed in the production of different types of ammunitions such as aircraft bomb ammunitions MK 81, 82, 83, 84, infantry ammunitions of 40 mm calibers with high, medium and low explosion speeds, mortar ammunitions of 60 and 120 mm calibers, long range artillery ammunitions of 155 mm caliber, rockets projectiles of 107 and 122 mm calibers and naval ammunitions of 76 mm calibers.

Thanks to its the state-of-the-art X-ray laboratory licensed by the UAE Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, the chemical laboratory licensed by the UAE Ministry of Health as well as the ballistic and technical testing devices, Burkan is able to assess and perform maintenance on old munitions. Burkan also offers its services to armed forces for the testing and evaluation of new munitions.

The company’s facility features an integrated demilitarization plant for the safe disposal of explosives and ammunition using the latest thermal technology which is compliant with international standards for safety and eco-friendliness.
Burkan actively works towards the transfer of knowledge and technical know-how with its partners. Through this exchange, it aims to increase the number of new products it adds to its range as well as expanding the scope of its research and development. Burkan is looking to offer a specialized training program in the field of munitions and explosives, in collaboration with Rabdan Academy and the Tawazun Training Center.

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