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Home-grown defence companies at Abu Dhabi’s Tawazun Industrial Park

​Tawazun Industrial Park is a self-contained, world-class industrial zone that was established to help develop the UAE’s ambitious defence manufacturing and technology plans. The park is already buzzing with a host of home-grown companies including:

Burkan Munitions Systems

Established in 2007, Burkan Munitions Systems is the UAE’s first ammunition facility which manufactures, tests, and assembles various types of ordnance. The company caters to the needs of Armed Forces in the UAE, the GCC and the region. The Burkan facility boasts advanced technical systems which are employed in the production of different types of ammunitions such as aircraft bombs, infantry ammunitions, mortars, long-range artillery, rockets and naval ammunitions.

Caracal Light Ammunition

Caracal Light Ammunition (CLA) is one of the most modern manufacturers of bullets in the world. Customising bullets to the precise needs of its customers – whether they be sportsmen, enthusiasts or professionals from law enforcement and the military has helped CLA achieve a reputation as a leader in the industry. All of CLA’s products are certified as Nato-compatible.

Nimr Automotive

Nimr Automotive is a defence vehicle manufacturer that makes transporters, cars and lorries for armed forces and internal security organisations around the world. It develops and produces customisable platforms for a wide range of combat and non-combat situations. The multipurpose vehicles can be used for tactical missions in harsh arid environments to modern urban warfare, deep infiltration missions, reconnaissance, border surveillance, support logistics and riot control. Some are even used as ambulances.

Tawazun Precision Industries

TPI is a manufacturing facility delivering components to the aerospace, oil and gas and defence industries with export operations worldwide. With a modern facility based in Tawazun Industrial Park, TPI’s state-of-the-art production capabilities include machining, surface treatment, heat treatment, advanced coating solutions, plastic injection moulding, metals testing, repairing, and servicing.

Tawazun Advanced Defense Systems

Tawazun Advanced Defense Systems (Tads) designs, develops and manufactures long-range rifles for the international defence and sports markets. Tads provides unique weapons for remote, long-range, high-impact, and precise combat weaponry. These include sniper rifles in three main calibres: 300WM, 338LM, 40CT, while other calibres are optional. The company also produces sport and long range rifles with changeable barrels in the three main calibres as well as tactical and long-range hunting rifles. It also offers sniper training.

Tawazun Dynamics

Tawazun Dynamics is the Middle East region’s first facility for the development, manufacture, assembly and integration of precision-guided systems for conventional air munitions. The company is a joint venture between Tawazun and Denel Dynamics, South Africa’s largest government-owned defence manufacturer. The plant uses Denel’s world-class technology, systems and processes to transform conventional air munitions into precision-guided weapon systems.

Caracal International

Caracal International is a small-arms manufacturer which develops and produces a wide range of modern firearms from pistols up to sniper rifles. Caracal’s products feature innovative technical solutions which are protected by internationally registered patents, and have all passed comprehensive and independent testing. The Caracal F pistol, for example, was successfully tested by the German Armed Forces testing house, WTD 91, and received Nato and German police certifications. The current Caracal product range includes: full, compact and subcompact size pistols; 9mm carbines; and sniper rifles in various calibres. In addition, Caracal offers a wide range of accessories for its products such as key-locks, quick-loaders, special designed sight systems. The company also provides basic and advanced tactical shooting training and a full maintenance service.